5 Crucial commands you should teach to your dog

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If you teach your dog some basic commands, it can be helpful in solving problematic behavior of your dog (existing ones or those that may arise in the future).
You can go to take a dog teaching class by throwing out some important cash which may be utilized by you in the future but you don’t have to if you follow these simple easy to learn steps. In fact it can be fun for both you and the dog!!!


Sit down boy!

This command is the most simple dog obedience commands to teach, so this can be a good one to start with.
• Keep holding a treat close to your dog’s nose.
• Move up your hand while allowing your dog’s head to follow the treat and causing his back to lower down.
• Once he is in sitting posture, say “sit” grant him with treat and share our love with him.
Follow these steps a few days until your dog learns this then command your dog to sit before meal, when leaving for walks, and in other aspects when you don’t want to be disturbed or want him calm and seated.

Come on buddy

This Command is very useful to keep your dog within your sight and out of any problem if you lose grip on your leash or left the front door open.
• Place a collar and leash on your dog.
• Move down to his height and say, “come,” while gently pulling the leash.
• When he follows and get to you reward him with treat.
Remove the leash when he learns it and practice the command in enclosed safe area.


This one can be a more difficult to grasp command in dog obedience training because it includes a submissive position. You can contribute by keep training relaxed, especially with afraid or anxious dogs.
• Hold a good smelling treat in your closed fist.
• Hold your hand near dog’s nose. When he sniffs it, move down so he follows.
• Slide your hand along the ground to make his body follow his head.
• Once he is in downward position say “down,” and give him love and treat.


Before trying this one, make it clears that your dog is an expert at the “sit” command.
• Ask your dog to sit first.
• Open the palm of your hand and say “stay.”
• Go some steps backward. Reward him with a treat if he listens and stays.

Leave it

This can assist your dog when his eagerness gets the better of him, like if he smells something provocative but dangerous on the ground!
The goal is to teach your dog that he will get something even better for ignoring the dangerous item.

• Have a treat in both hands.
• Present him one closed fist and say, “leave it.”
• Let him sniff, lick, paw, mouth and bark to try his best to get it.
• Once he stops doing so, open the other hand and give him that treat.
• Repeat until your dog get away from your first fist when you command him to ‘leave it.”
• Give your dog the treat only when he get away from the first fist and looks at you.

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