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We all know that our dog is our most loyal companion and we try our best to make sure our dog is getting the care he deserves. Lucky for us there are some non-profit organizations that are making dog training apps to make sure every puppy or dog acquires the care and attention they deserve.

Here are 8 remarkable apps for your loyal companion which try their best to make your life easier whether it is making reminders for walking or feeding, or providing your dog First Aid treatment.

1. Tagg


Tagg is mainly an attachment of a GPS on your dog’s collar, and thanks to its numerous features, it can help you relax and have a piece of mind. This application keeps you aware of your dog’s activity and sends a message in an instant when your dog goes outside the boundaries you set. Unlike other dog training apps, this app also monitors your dog’s movement to make sure your dog is getting enough exercise.

2. PooPee Puppy

PooPee Puppy is a free app available on iOS that allows you to track when your puppy goes to do his business. This app has a simple user interface which can be very useful when you are outside at 2 a.m on two hours of sleep. The main menu of this app has three buttons only, Poo, Pee, and Oops. Whenever your puppy goes to the bathroom just tap the right button and this app will automatically log this data for you. The Oops button allows the user to record accidents, as well as weird looking vomit and poop.


3. DoggyDatez


DoggyDatez is a mobile social platform for dogs and dog owners to make friends. What this app enables you to do is basically mark your residence and look out who else visit your spot.

This app also enables you to search for people by age, gender, dog age, dog breed, and dog gender as well.

This Application is available to download on Android and iOS.


4. Petsie Dog Breeds

Giving answer to the question: ‘What kind of a dog he is?” is not always simple. Majorly if your dog is a mix breed. Petsie Dog Breeds can assist you in figuring this out. As icing on the cake, this App also has images and information regarding a particular type of breed.

You can even use this app as a fun social network app by creating a profile. This app is Available on Android devices only.


5. Weather Puppy

It is very crucial to check out the weather before taking your dog outdoors. But this app takes it to a whole new and very adorable level. Depending on the weather and time, This application shows you more than Hundred Dogs and you can even insert the pic of your own dog. Weather puppy also partners with shelters and non-profits across the United States of America.

The app is available on Android and iOS devices.

6. Dog Trainer Free

Are you thinking about using clickers and whistles to train your new puppy? Do not waste money in purchasing the whistle when you can simply just download the app!

Dog trainer free is a free Android app that offers various sounds to train your dog. The application is simple in design nd it consists of some bone shaped buttons which can be pressed to listen to dog whistles of different frequencies, a clicker training and other sounds like barking.


7. Fetch Training

Fetch training is easy to navigate Android app that helps in solving behavioral issues like excessive barking, destructive chewing, aggression and teaching your dog some good tricks.

This app has twenty-seven articles which are aligned into three categories: Training, Tricks, and Behavior.

This app is easy to use and perhaps is a little too much easy as the only tricks it offers are shake, sit, dance, beg, bow, lie down, spin, speak, and roll over.


8. Pro P5 Dog Training App

This App is basically several things merged into one. It tracks activity, a training app. It is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive and best dog training apps you can find out today.

It has photos, instructions, and videos to assist you in training your dog to stay, sit, and fetch.

This app has three main screens. The activity tracker enables you to log your dog’s activity manually or by using MapMyFitness which utilizes your Phone’s GPS to monitor activity.

The training screen let you track your puppy’s achievements in training categories like agility, obedience, and flying Frisbee.

At last, the achievements screen keep track of what your dog has achieved up till now.

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