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Dog Training Methods

Are you looking for information about how to train dogs? Well this dog training methods article may be exactly what you have been looking for. It is a good one.

If you have a young puppy, we recommend that you wait until he’s at least 8 weeks old to begin formal training.

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Prescription Dog Foods

There are many dog food choices. There are premium brands of kibble to cheaper foods that are available on the supermarket shelf. There are also prescription foods that are only available from your veterinarian. What is a prescription dog food, and when should you use them?


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Dog Fleas

Dog fleas are a pesky nuisance. Any time your dog has them, not only do they annoy your pet and make her scratch constantly, they also infest the whole house, it seems.

You can easily tell when your dog has fleas. She will scratch furiously, over and over. It is important to check that there are no signs of other parasites such mange. Mange results in red skin patches and loss of hair.

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Dog Training – About Us

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