is dog barking a natural thing?

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Dog Barking

Among few things in life that can make your life a living hell is the constant barking of your dog. Whether it is a high pitch “yap yap” or a deep sound of ” woof woof” it can frustrate you very quickly.

The good thing is that dogs do not simply bark when they are happy, but they actually barks when they are in distress, frustration, over excitement, or anxiety. Not any of these emotions are healthy for your dog or you!

Keep in mind that a relaxed and content dog does not bark! Now take a peek at one specific type of barking and find out how to stop it.

Dogs who bark during your absence is a problem that many people are unaware of until your neighbor decides to pay you a visit or if things can get worse, dog control officer comes at your house. Putting a mind on why your dog is barking is the key to ending it so that you can able to address the issue rather than just treating the symptoms.

The most important thing is that you have to view it all through your dog’s eyes! Dogs are pack animals so they are well aware of the fact that there are leaders and followers. And the most important job of a pack leader is to defend the pack.

When you leave for a job in morning or evening and leaves the dog on his own company, then he will become stressed and so would you if you lost your pack in the form of a family or friends.

This is the reason behind your dog’s barking. He is actually barking to call you back! For an example think about it as a parent. You have a young 3-year-old child and you will definitely like to look after him or her wherever they go. All of a sudden, your child goes out of the house shutting out the front door. Do not think that it is not locked! the door and windows all are locked!

What will you do? call for help, your dog cannot do that!

Shout for help? To remind you, that is what your dog is doing exactly…

You will not for sure sit in your house relaxed, having a tea while your child is out roaming the streets on their own.

So now, Are you able to feel what your dog feels when you leave the house? Not just barking, your dog may start chewing things up, digging holes, causes destruction and jump over the fences when he is all alone.

All you have to do is become the pack leader correctly and your dog will not perceive protecting you as his duty.

Becoming a pack leader is not like climbing Mount Everest! Anyone can learn it but it cannot be explained in 2 minutes so take a look at Doggy Dan’s online dog training Website:

He explains everything with clarity about how to stop  your dog’s barking when you are absent from home. He even gives a $1 trial for 3 days so that you can have a taste of how easy to guide the website is.

Here are some tips that can use along with becoming the pack leader:

  • Exercise:

    before leaving, exercise with your dog because a tired dog is more likely to relax afterward.

  • Find correct space

    Try different areas of leaving your dog alone when you go. Some dogs like to relax inside while others like to chill outside and some dogs even like to relax in small places like a washroom!

  • Fed and water

    Always leave water in bowl and feed your dog before leaving

  • Music and TV

    Try leaving the TV or Music on because distractions can assist.

  • Dog walkers

    Hire a dog walker who can take your dog for a walk in the middle of a day

  • Leave calmly

    Leave in a calm manner, say goodbye to him 5 minutes before you leave.



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