Learn How To Read Your Dog’s Body Language

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Read your Dog's Body Language

Did you ever think what your dog is doing when he is communicating with another dog? Do you sometimes have a feeling that you are watching some kind of a foreign language show when your dog is interecting with other dogs? Here you will learn how to read your dog’s body language.

Sometimes it can prove to be frustrating not knowing whether to let your dog continue his interaction or stop your dog right away.

You would be amazed how easy it is to read your dog’s behavior and yet many people misread it – When you learn how! knowing whether your dog is feeling distressed or is happy playing can make a significant difference to how your dog socializes with other dogs.

Ther are numerous tell-tale signs. You just need to know what they are and after you get the hang of it, it will feel like watching a movie in English rather than a foreign language.

Dog’s Obviously can read each other as they have this ability as a natural gift. However, for us, it is totally the opposite. We need to learn about variant body signals that they use.

The following are some major gestures that you can learn to understand what is going on in your dog’s mind.


The Head Over: placing your dog’s head over the back of another dog’s neck.

This is one of the most repeated behaviors shown by a dog to express his dominance over another dog. It is not good nor it is bad. Some dogs may fight back if they are not happy being dominated and will let the other dog know that he wants to be the boss around here.


Coming back to play: a dog coming bak to play more with another dog

This is a positive sign which shows that a dog is happy to play with another dog. Mostly this simple behavior is underestimated by dog owners. Many times a dog may seem to not enjoy being pushed and dominated but is actually feeling happy and will come back for more! If a dog is literally unhappy, he will definitely not return and stay away.


Lifting a paw in the air: dog stand still on three legs

This gesture is fairly a submissive one that shows that the dog is non-threatening and submissive. The dog standing next to him may react in many ways but it is a good sign.


Hackles Up: Hair on the dog back goes up.

Normally people think that this gesture means that the dog is going to be aggressive, but the truth is that it can also happen due to an excitement. This really means that the dog is alert but he might be alert because he is playing with another dog. Do not panic and keep an eye on your dog.


The Notorious 360 degree spins: the dog finishes a complete spin

On majority occasions, dog spinning is certainly to show happiness and to encourage playing some activity. When a dog is relaxed and not frightened by another dog, he turns his back on him.

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