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Overview: Excellent Product, Exceptional Value for cash:

This item The Online Dog Training video site is a top of the line item. The content is phenomenal contrasted with different other websites which have far fewer videos and the genuine training information in the recordings is outstanding. Since the site has been around since 2009 a portion of the recordings is not High Definition, however, these are all being supplanted with HD ones. This is a live site with new footage being included frequently. Here is my review of the key elements inside this site.


The endorsement of The Online Dog Trainer site by the national SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) of New Zealand is deserving of a notice. The Home page of the SPCA of New Zealand indeed even has a connection to this site elevating it to new dog owners and individuals who have adopted a dog or a puppy.

Almost every topic discovered in over 250+ videos

Contrasted with every other website on the web, The Online Dog Coach has essentially more content. Unquestionably at this expense. A normal video created by a dog trainer of this standard is more around $35 for a hours footage. Inside the online dog trainer, there are roughly 20 hours of footage. This implies all that you could need is all incorporated into the cost. As specified before, some videos are not HD  however the nature of the advice is superb which I accept is significantly more essential.

Videos of genuine meetings

An exceptionally pleasant part of this site is the utilization of video footage from Doggy Dan’s live consultations. In contrast with numerous different sites where the training recordings just show theory and command work and demonstrate next to no real footage of genuine behavioral issues. The Online Dog Trainer is altogether different. A considerable lot of the puppies that are taped are unmistakably difficult to manage and are in genuine need of assistance.

The Answer is the Video

The question of whether a dog training digital book can contrast with video is something that has regularly been raised. The answer as I would see it is that it can not. Watching an accomplished dog trainer tenderly clarifying why a dog is so stressed and afterward watching the puppy change is something that words can not clarify. What I additionally like about these videos is that they are not altered too much with the goal that you can really see the interview unfolding and how the outcomes were reached. This incorporates all the body dialect of both the dog and the trainer. This is something that you basically can’t get from perusing words on a screen.

Delicate strategy and procedures

There are numerous dog training styles as of now used by coaches and they vary enormously. The strategy utilized by Doggy Dan inside The Online Dog Trainer has all the earmarks of being exceptionally quiet and gentle anyway it is likewise extremely effective. Numerous dog training sites available are using old style forceful strategies that are attempting to alarm dogs into behaving. Others concentrate a lot on treats and reward to the extent that nothing works unless you have a pocket brimming with cheese. Doggy Dan’s comprehension of how to become the pack leader sets up things so that any preparation does not require aggression or fear and luckily, very little cheese.

Puppy Training

Inside the video site, Doggy Dan has some videos the raising of his 8-week old puppy Moses. This is a very astounding task of a SPCA Outskirt Collie X Labrador that permits you to watch a young dogs advancement into an astonishing dog. Moses is presently drawing closer to being 1-year-old and new videos of his advancement are being included all the time. Contrasted with other dog training websites, this is about as good as it can get. All the charge training, and taking care of each puppy issue is additionally included. Full marks for this puppy training session.

The Forum

I am particularly inspired with the Forum where Doggy Dan is still answering each and every question personally. The difference between someone who has really trained a large number of dogs and a right hand is noteworthy. It is clear from the answers in the discussion that Dan takes genuine consideration to guarantee that dogs and dog owners are given the best experience furthermore, are advised every time.

Audio Files

Audio files are incorporated into this site in key spots. These sounds complement the videos extremely well. After all not all that matters should be viewed, in truth I discovered it a reviving change to the site and listen to a 45 minute sound about turning into the pack leader having already seen a video. The audios are optional since the center lessons are conveyed in punchy and clear videos. They are a significant reward for those individuals who truly need to get the most extreme out of the course.


I have been exceptionally suspicious of testimonials that can be changed, altered, and made by anybody. Without a period stamp, it is likely that the greater part of them were made immediately numerous years back. With a large number of the dog training items being sold presently, this appears to be the way. The Online Dog Trainer is altogether different. Utilizing 3 rd party programming, end users post their remarks and testimonials straight onto the site with the goal that no one aside from the individual posting can alter them. The testimonials that you read are regularly just days old and are composed of genuine individuals who adore the site. These are from multiple points of view the genuine reviews! They are composed of individuals like you, totally independent, who are as of now utilizing the site. Their testimonials and results represent themselves.

This is what other people say about it:


Doggy Dan

Few dog training websites have such a charming individual with such an extent experience as The Online Dog Trainer. His vitality and clear love of the dogs runs over in every one of the videos which truly is unique. Viewing a trainer whom the dogs obviously bond with and whom they appreciate is confirmation to Doggy Dan’s delicate and effective approach. Not at all like numerous dog trainers who concentrate on utilizing treats and fear based procedures to get the dogs react, this technique appears to concentrates on first understanding the dogs and winning their trust which is very crucial.

You can learn more about The Charming Doggy Dan in this short video:


Dogs behavioral problems

All through the site, Doggy Dan empowers puppy and dog owners to treat the cause of the issues instead of simply the side effects. This approach determines the hidden issues and prevents further issues happening later on. To accomplish this, dog owners are guided through a segment called “Become the pack leader” utilizing Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules. When this has been built up users are urged to visit any area, and watch the fitting training for their dog’s specific issue. This approach is by all accounts much more intelligent than numerous different ones which regularly feel more like experimentation. An unmistakable clarification in the videos of why the issue exists and after that why the training will tackle the issue abandons you with a genuine understanding and feeling of trust!

Here’s a rundown of some of only a portion of the videos that location particular dog issues:

• Dog Aggression

• Aggression Towards Animals

• People Aggression

• Barking On The Walk

• Aggression Towards Objects

• Barking Around The Property

• Barking For Attention

• Barking When Left

• Barking At The Door

• Barking In The Car

• Separation Anxiety

• Dogs Running Away

• Jumping on Furniture

• Jumping Up

• Hyperactivity

• Fears and Phobias

• Not Coming When Called

• Pulling On The Leash

• Obsessions

Remarkable $1  Trial

The Online Dog Trainer whole site including 250 videos, audios and notes can be availed right now for a $1 trial that keeps going for 3 days. This is an excellent offer and truly leaves the question what more you need. If you refuse to advance after the 3-day trial, you are only charged $1 for using the trial.

Viably this is an attempt before you purchase feature. An exceptionally liberal offer for sure and something that is offered by very few other websites.

What it costs

Once you’ve chosen to stay on the 3-day trial, you pay $37 per month. I feel that the $37 a month is justified regardless of each penny as you truly are getting an awesome solution. A few items might be a couple of dollars less, however, a large portion of them will just abandon you feeling more lost and befuddled. Numerous other dog training products are great at helping you prepare a few commands, however, they won’t help you get those undesirable behaviors under control as they are just treating the indications. With The Online Dog Trainer, you get to really understand your dog which takes care of basically any dog behavioral issues.

I have additionally done a little research and found that a decent dog trainer finishing a house visit will cost in the area of normal $300. Also, that exclusive covers a couple of hours. With The Online Dog Trainer, you get Doggy Dan with his demonstrated strategy that works ,in your home at whatever point you require him.

A Money Back Guarantee

You do not have to worry about anything… In order to provide a complete confidence in your purchase, The Online Dog Trainer offers a sixty-day money back guarantee.

Final Brainstorming

This fantastic asset is supported by a national SPCA, has more than 250 videos, with Doggy Dan himself in the Forum. Include Project Moses from 8 weeks old puppy, the complete area on turning into the pack leader, a no aggression and no fear method, and each behavioral issue secured off, what’s more, you have a one-stop, complete dog training solution that is accessible day in and day out 24/7, on your PC or any cell phone.

My assessment is that is the best item and the best value dog training available in the market and I completely suggest it.

Take advantage of the three-day $1 Trial here: