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Stop puppy biting – the biggest mistake you’re making

This is One of the common mistake made by people with puppy biting, mouthing, and chewing.

After reading this article, you might have a different perspective about puppy training advice provided by other people. I hope that you will consider yourself looking through your puppy’s eyes and that is the time you will begin understanding them.

The problem is that right now, millions of people are training their puppies to gently mouth their fingers and hands .

Basically, we are training our puppies what we want do not want them to do later on!

That’s very odd! but still…

What will make a big difference is that you must start as you mean to go on! even your dog will admire this behavior as it will not change as they grow on.

Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Give your puppy chewing toys and chew things, for example, a piece of wood
  2. when your puppy mouths you, try to divert his attention to something else
  3. Always encourage your puppy to leave your clothes and your fingers alone
  4. if your puppy mouths you, then place him on the floor calmly and slightly shout to let him know that his mouthing can hurt and move away.

This is the very easy approach. I adopted it from Doggy Dan’ The Online Dog Trainer video website which is very straight forward approach for training puppies. For checking out the site which includes a video and section for mouthing try this Site out!

Also, there are some points to remember:

  • Give your puppy a couple of chances if they accidently mouth you when he or she is only Eight weeks old. After five months of age, do not tolerate your puppy’s mouthing anymore.
  • Additionally, when you call your puppy to you, ensure that you have something in your hands to put in their mouth. You are preparing them to fail if you are not having it.
  • The last but not least tip is that when your puppy ignores your chew toy and starts to mouth you and ignores the toy you gave him, stay calm and put them on the floor.

To develop an amazing relationship, understanding your puppy is crucial. Consider yourself at their position and you will start to realize how your actions make them feel.

Doggy Dan’s Video website has over 250 videos and it is absolutely fantastic in assisting you seeing things from your pet’s point of view. He even has included weekly videos of how he raised his puppy named Moses, from 8 weeks of age.


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