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Perfect dogThere is a lot of questions regarding how to raise a perfect dog. After all, this is what we all wants but the real question is… do the perfect dogs exist?

Well, a remarkable answer to this question is another question: Do the perfect person exist? Of Course, we all know that nobody is perfect! However, we can find some great people as well as some great dogs. So what you have to do?

The best advice for you can get before going out to the puppy school and make your puppy learn how to commando crawl, how to high five, and roly-polies is to ask yourself, is this the reason you bought a puppy who you would like to be a perfect dog in future?

Is your perfect dog a performing monkey who you summon in front of your visitors to perform a trick and they will get flabbergasted. Well, the best part is after your dog has done performing, you have to tell your visitors that now they should not go near his food bowl while he is eating, not to pet him  near his head and keep your children away from his toys! So you might be thinking this is crazy, isn’t it?

We spend many of our precious time with our dog trying to teach him how to sit and stay but we never dare to even think about more significant stuff that plays an important role in the mental development of our pet.

This is because the majority of the dog trainers are busy in following what everyone else is doing and that is to train your dog to sit, stay, and lay down.

Put a thinking on the fact that has a dog ever euthanized because they do not sit properly, or did not stay when asked to?  Of course not because people do not consider this as a serious stuff.

But the problem is that this is what is being taught at puppy school! Why?

For aggression, the story is quite different. Dogs are Euthanized for growling, barking, aggression, and for being aggressive towards the owner, children, or strangers. This is all bad news.

Very limited dog trainers show you how to tackle such situations because very few of them understands it themselves.

Many people want all of these following five properties to be in their dog if they want their dog to be counted as a perfect dog:

  1. Calm around other dogs and animals.
  2. Friendly to children and all other people.
  3. Obedient and relaxed around the home.
  4. Responsive when being called to come at the park.
  5. Walking on the leash in public obediently like an angel.

So the question arises, How can we achieve it?

The relieving answer is that this is not a complicated issue. At least not tricky or complicated anymore. All thanks to Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer video website:

http://www.itsdogtrainingtime.com/Doggy Dan The Online dog trainer Free Video Course

Inside this website, you will be pleased to find the most amazing collection of dog training videos showing you how to achieve the dream of making your dog Perfect. In fact, in this website, Dan shows you through the video diary of the 8-week old cute puppy called Moses, guiding you through every stage of achieving all the stuff I have just mentioned above.

Here is a video of Dan using the puppy Moses to guide you:

Check out the amazing Doggy Dan the online dog trainer website and have a free dog obedience video course

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