Why are some dogs obsessed with eating food

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Food aggression

When the dog shows this aggression, it is attempting to intimidate you by expressing its dominance and this is something that should definitely not be tolerated in any dog.

The thing to remember is that food aggression in dogs is largely based on how a dog would react in the wild if his or her food was threatened. This could be because the dog does not know when he or she will be fed again and, therefore, want to protect the food.

It also could be a sign that your dog sees you as someone who is always taking its favorites things away, so you are no longer a provider for the dog.

Food aggression in dogs is also a sign that the dog does not believe that you are adequately leading its pack and once this occurs, more problems with aggression will arise in the future.

What you must do, therefore, is rectify this situation and take control of the dog immediately. This is especially true if you have children around, as they do not know any better and could be hurt by the dog if they attempt to take something from it in the future.

The actions that you will take will largely be dependent on how your dog is acting aggressively.

If your dog is snapping at other dogs during feeding time, simply separate the dogs during feeding time.

If the food aggression in dogs is occurring towards humans, however, you must take a few more steps to reassert your dominance.

Firstly, you should ensure that all members of the family are involved with feeding. That way, the dog will see everyone as a provider for it at one point or another.

Secondly, only feed the dog at certain times and make sure that it earns the food that it gets. Even something as simple as telling the dog to sit before you put the dish on the floor is enough to assert yourself as the leader of the pack.

If you have a puppy, you can reach into the dog’s food dish while it is eating and take its food away a few different times during feeding. Always give the puppy its food back, however, and it will learn that you are not a threat to its survival.

Finally, if this food aggression in dogs is becoming a serious problem, you must make sure that your dog never eats before you and your family do.

In these cases, make sure that the dog sees each member of your family eating and that the dog does not eat until everyone else has finished. The dog will understand this and will see that it is the lowest member of the family.

Most importantly, never give this food aggression in dogs and discipline the dog every time it happens. Just be sure that you do not react with aggression, but rather with an assertiveness that a pack leader would use in the wild.

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